Understand the difference between your 1st and 2nd level LinkedIn connections

Your 1st Level LinkedIn Connections

These are simply the people that are directly connected to you – either they accepted the connection request you sent them or vice versa.

Your 2nd level connections

These are the connections of your 1st level connections.

This is usually the level of connection you would specify in LinkedIn when you are wanting to reach out to people who are not yet connected to you.

If your first-level connections consist mostly of high quality business relationship network building candidates, they will often have similar candidates that they have reached out to.

Which means, you are “fishing in a good pond”.

If most of your connections are students, many of their connections may be students.

While many students are brilliant, they may not be the best choices of those with the strongest long-term business relationships.

Understand how your LinkedIn list automatically builds

Let’s say you send a connection request to someone and they accept your request thus becoming your 1st level connection.

If they never have any further discussion with you, all is not lost!

You now have the ability to send a connection request to their connections.

That could be a very large number of connections!

Let’s say, for example you have 100 connections and those connections each have 100 connections, it means you can now connect with 100*100 = 10,000 people (assuming now overlap).

In reality the number is much larger because most people have on average in excess of 500 connections (not 100)