What is a CC Intro Session?

A CC Intro Session is a 1 hour information session that has a limited number of attendees

You should only invite people

  • Who see the importance of building their relationship based network alongside others doing the same
  • Who are willing to consistently devote a small amount of time to building their networks
  • Who you believe will fit with the culture of the CC

In order to ‘discover’ whether you feel a candidate is likely to meet the above criteria, you should have a ‘Discovery’ call with them prior to inviting them to a CC-Intro.

The Discovery call is discussed in more detail in a subsequent topic.

Following are the slides the CC intro facilitator will work from

The basics steps of the presentation are

  • The facilitator will give an overview of the CC, our goals, the results we are able to create and how we are to create them (1-2-3 dimensional network building)
  • The facilitator will then ask you to briefly introduce yourself and your guest(s)
    • It actually works to spend 30 secs or so on your family, where you live etc
    • In addition to explaining what you do, it’s a great idea to explain why you are excited about the CC relationship network building
    • Don’t take too long as there can be up to 11 people on the call!
  • The facilitator will then go through the slide explaining the 6 pillars of the NBS (see the slide titled ‘NBS’) and explain the cost.
  • The facilitator will then ask if there any questions
  • The facilitator will then suggest that you book a time with your guest to catch up.
    • Booking a time with your guest is really the most important step and the purpose of the meeting
    • You really want to book the next step immediately so that you don’t have to chase up your guest(s) after the session
    • You can do this via the zoom ‘chat’ function, verbally on the call or better yet, book a follow-up time in advance of the call.