CC Intro sessions – how can you help?

  • It is important that you and your guests Zoom in on time
    • It is very awkward filling in with conversation at the beginning because you don’t want the conversation to veer into areas that you want everyone to hear
    • As a result of you booking your guest into the intro system, the CC Calendly booking system should have sent them
      • A confirmation email
      • A reminder email
      • And an SMS reminder just prior to the meeting
    • If however, they are not there within the first few minutes of they meeting, give them a call and see how long they’ll be
  • It is important that you come to the meeting mentally ready to focus and participate
    • In particular have some times in mind that you can suggest for a follow-up meeting with your guest(s)

Help create a great atmosphere

‘Atmosphere’ facilitates everything!

When people join the CC, they instantly enjoy the culture, the atmosphere, the way they are so warmly welcomed.

You can be deliberate about this at every CC Intro session.

Smile, be attentive and if an opportunity or introduction springs to mind that may potentially benefit one of the guests (especially if they are not your guests), make sure you briefly mention it.

This automatically shows the culture we adopt in the CC.