How to remain ’emotionally intelligent’

Research is increasingly showing that Emotional Intelligence is one of the biggest factors in achieving our desired results.

Emotional Intelligence is a very broad and important subject!

It’s worth deciding to continuously work on developing your emotional intelligence – it will help you in every area of your life!

Following are a few thoughts and resources to help get the ball rolling

The 95% Rule

When 95% of what you do seems to be a waste of time it is difficult to remain positive and expectant that the 5% is more than enough.
Logically it makes sense that you only need 5% to duplicate to produce an incredible result in just a few short years.

It’s easy to do the maths but it’s tough to endure the 95% while

  • Maintaining a positive attitude
  • Expecting the best
  • Staying excited and motivated
  • Remaining consistent

It’s easy to:

  • Have doubts
  • Become frustrated with people – why don’t they – they should
  • Become impatient
  • Compare yourself with others
  • Project negative vibes which people don’t want to be around you – far less follow you
  • Have a martyr complex
  • Believe you can grow and that success is dependant on factors beyond your control

The starting point is to:

  • Recognise that mastering and harnessing your emotions is a major factor in achieving the results you are looking for
  • Be absolute determined to NOT give up too easily – as you know things go a lot better when you have a large Know Like & Trust network
  • There are so many examples of fellow collaborators who initially suffered very bad results but kept persisting
  • Some of these are now the most successful network builders we know
  • They persisted with the result that their biggest weaknesses become their greatest strengths
  • With the right attitude, everyone can do this
  • The key is to keep going, listen to the “good” news stories and be determined to be part of them

Most importantly

Develop a habit of listening (or viewing if you have time) lots of talks that will help you to gain “light bulb” moments and inspire you to improve and persist.

The NBS Playlist is a great place to start!

For the moment, here are some great talks to help you understand the importance of emotions in achieving success