How to remain consistent

You can find the time to be consistent if

  • The results of being consistent are important enough to you
  • You set mini-habits

The Briefly Excited Syndrome

Have you ever been very excited about something only to find that your initial excitement soon wears off?

The good news is

That’s not just you, it’s most people. And all you need to stay ahead of most people is stick with it!

Consistency wins every time as shown in this short must watch video

Here are some tips:

  • Constantly revisit exponential growth – ask your Connector, am I on track?
  • If not what do I need to get on track?
  • What does being “on track” mean anyway?
  • Constantly listen and read to great articles, books and audios
  • Success is not built in a day – it is built daily
  • Constantly clarify your goals
    • What could be possible for you now that you’ve seen more good news stories (especially involving ‘clips’)