Make the most of your first 4-6 weeks with your Connector

There is no need to labour the process!

You can whiz through the Syllabus quite quickly taking notice of topics that you may want to look at in more depth later.

In general you should be able to start proactively building your network by setting up some “Discovery Calls” within a couple of weeks of joining the Connect Collaborative (CC).

What’s a Discovery Call?

This is simply where you have a Zoom (or phone) call with someone who is not already part of the CC who may want to collaborate with you to build their network.

Most importantly the purpose of this call is to assess how important your selected “candidate” believes it is for them to build their relationship-based networks with like-minded others.

We have many great tools and great workshops to help you continually improve your Discovery calls.

However, don’t wait to get perfect – the longer you put it off, the more nervous you will probably become. Remember your Discovery call is just about having a chat. You have access to a large network so you are likely to be able to help them more than they can help you.

It does help you to have better conversations when you create a great filtered list from LinkedIn using Boolean searches and then triage that list well so that you are likely to be speaking with candidates who are “on the same page”. Once again, we have some great tools and resources to help you with these steps.

Most importantly the purpose of the Discovery call is to ‘discover’ where your candidate is currently at – you should only mention the CC if they have first given the right messages (that they are keen to build a relationship-based network).

You should certainly not going into your Discovery call with the idea of selling the benefits of the CC.

It is most important to realise that you are looking for network building partners you will be able to advocate for (and they for you) – you are looking for partners – you are not looking for customers!

After you have spent about 4-6 weeks on activities such as reading through this Syllabus, meeting with your Connector each week and attending the Workshops, you can probably arrange a less frequent regular meeting with your Connector (say every 2 weeks or once a month).

In general, most Connectors will also encourage you to get in touch with them when you have a question or some exciting news or you want to know the best way to advocate for a particular person or you have an idea you’d like to run past them.

In many cases, your Connector (usually the person who introduced you to the CC) will also be your most valuable contact in the CC.

Your Connector knows many others in the CC and in general, they will be keen to do everything possible to help you achieve your goals (as you will with the people you introduce to the CC).