Learn how the Fellow Collaborators Sheet works

The Fellow Collaborators sheet contains a list of all current Fellow Collaborators on the NBS (Network Building System) in alphabetical order of “First Name”.


The Fellow Collaborators are listed in this spreadsheet

All data is extracted from each CC collaborators profile

Do not try to enter your details here against your name – if you do the sheet will go blank! If you do accidentally enter some data, just press the undo button in the spreadsheet (or Ctrl-Z) and all with magically be restored to normal

To enter extra information about yourself (such as photo, short description, long description, industries and positions) update the information on your profile and it will be displayed here. How to do this is explained in the next topic

The following details are displayed in columns A to L:

  • Image (photo)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Summary (short description)
  • Collaborator Profile link (this is an important feature described below)
  • Location
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Contact email
  • Contact number
  • Industries (that the person is involved with)
  • Position(s) held


Before contacting a fellow collaborator directly using the above contacts details, you are likely to get a far better result if you

(1) First ask your ‘Connector’ (the person helping you onboard) about the best way to approach the person – your ‘Connector’ may be able to assist you more than you realise!

(2) Use the Collaborator Profile link to obtain further valuable information

(3) PLEASE do not spam people by sending them an email about what you have to offer.

How to obtain a more specific list of people

Let’s say you are searching for someone named “David”

In this case you would simply type “David” into the yellow box at the top (Cell E2), press enter and a list like the following would be displayed

Note: You should always “Hide” column B in your spreadsheet as it gives you no valuable information and only takes up room!

You can also type in other keywords to obtain a listing

Let’s say you wanted to obtain a list of collaborators who are located in Perth. Here’s how you’d do it:


Make sure you can see row 4

Sometimes you may have scrolled down to say row 50 and wonder why nothing is appearing – just scroll up to the top of the sheet and you’ll see your filtered list.

How to obtain some more (very important) information about another collaborator

As mentioned above, before contacting another collaborator it’s likely to be far more effective if you:

(1) Take a closer look at their profile

(2) Check with (or a least inform) your ‘Connector’ first

Here’s how to access another Collaborators Profile

This will take you to their profile as shown in the following screenshot:

Hint: Notice the ‘Connector’ information

You may be able to gain a better introduction to someone by going through their ‘Connector’ (the person onboarding and helping them) first. Check with your ‘Connector’ first.

That way you also have a chance of meeting another person in the CC. You can check out the ‘Connectors’ profiles by clicking the links (see above screenshot)