The purpose of our syllabus

What’s the purpose of the Syllabus you are accessing right now and how should you work through it?

The syllabus is here to help you

  • Find out where to go for more information
  • Learn ahead so that any weekly onboarding sessions with your coach can be more effective
  • Learn the basics and then become ever more effective at building your network
  • Become more familiar with the Connect Collaborative culture and what’s available
  • Develop your skills in a range of areas
  • Most Importantly – to provide a tool to help you quickly onboard others (in other words to facilitate duplication of your team of team building advocates)

In what sequence should you work through the syllabus?

The syllabus has been designed for you to progress through in the sequence the courses are laid out.

However, it is important to take action on contacting others as soon as you can. As such, we anticipate that you will be working on multiple parts of the syllabus simultaneously.

It’s important for you to start inviting people to have a Zoom call with you and then invite them to attend to a CC Introductory session before you know all the details of exactly what to do.

Ideally, together with your Connector you’ll be taking some action steps such as aligning your profile with a few tweaks such as:

“Although you and I may not be able to business together, it is highly likely that I will know someone who will be a good connection for you”

At the same time you’ll be working on your LinkedIn connection request message.

As we say:

  • It’s production before perfection
  • You can’t steer a parked car
  • Don’t wait to per perfect or know it all – you’ll learn it along the way

While you are taking the action steps to get in motion, you can come back and read the background and gain more orientation about things such as how to book someone into a Connect Collaborative Info session (you can start and work this out later).

Use the questions for your connector / feedback section in the lessons and topics

If you are not clear or have some feedback, fill in these sections so that your Connector has a chance to review your progress, thoughts and questions before your weekly onboarding session. These sections will appear as shown in the following screenshot: