How do you create an exponentially growing team who will proactively advocate for each other?

Surely this is the end game?

Imagine having a growing number of people who will proactively go out on a limb to “sell” you to their close contacts (regardless of your business)

But what on earth would motivate them to do this for you?

Answer: you have already done this for them and built a great relationship with them in the process

How well does this actually work in practice?

The actual results obtained by Givers vs Takers has been studied in depth by Professor Adam Grant

  • Repeatedly across a diverse range of businesses and professions, the results were found to be the same
    • Takers achieve better results than Givers in the short-term
    • However, Givers achieve overwhelmingly better results in the medium to longer-term than Takers
  • Conclusion: Have patience – build relationships for the medium to long-term rather than the immediate short term.

Although short-term results can be achieved in the Connect Collaborative, it’s not our main focus

Highly recommended:

  • Read professor Adam Grant’s book and/or listen to his following TED talk
  • View the following 4-minute YouTube of the Go-Giver (from Bob Burg’s book by the same name)