Work with Like-minded others


Work with like-minded others

It is incredibly uplifting, inspiring and motivating to be working in a community of like-minded others.

It’s great to be associated with influential and experienced leaders who want to help aspiring others.

It feels great to know you are making a difference in someone’s life and the only condition is that they “Pay it forward” (have you seen the movie?)

Your Attitude is the key

At the Connect Collaborative, we encourage successful people to help others such as you

  • You don’t need to be currently in business
    • Often it pays to build your trusted relationships and in the process discover ideas and mentors that will help you choose a business that will help you live the way you’d like to live rather than becoming a slave to the business
  • You may already have a great job or income stream
    • Dig the well before you need the water!
    • Enhance what you are currently doing and build the network for future endeavours
    • Engage with a great community of like-minded others
  • You may lack confidence
    • Others can help
  • You may have failed in several ventures
    • Maybe you were actually lacking an advocating network and some good mentors?
  • Are you time poor?
    • When is that going to change?
    • Perhaps it’s worth thinking about how you are spending your time
  • What are your options for setting up a better future?
    • Start by building a relationship/trust-based network and see what ideas you discover – you may be pleasantly surprised