Going beyond Core-5

In the end you are looking for a few people who see the value in and are motivated by building their own networks.

The leaders you find will usually be busy

As such, they will usually see the value in using and duplicating a systemised self-learning approach

In the search for leaders, you will find some great contributors who are very happy to be part of your team. However, they may not yet be rapidly building their own teams.

Rather than trying to ‘make’ them do what they know they should, it’s usually far easy to find some others who are ready to go now while the others “marinate” in a great environment.

Finding other Leaders

Leaders grow teams of people…. in any organisation, network, business or association of people.

Everything rises and falls on leadership.

Which is why it is so valuable acquiring leadership skills.

Becoming a leaders is purely a decision.

What’s Core-50?

You are recognised as Core-50 when you have:

  • 4 teams that have a minimum of 10 people in each using the CC NBS (Network Building System) to build their networks
  • You have personally introduced a minimum of 5 people who are currently subscribing to the NBS
  • You have a minimum of 50 people in your group who are currently subscribed to the NBS

As you can see from the above, the main thing is to find just 4 leaders who are keen to build their network (of team building advocates).

When they each have 10 in their teams that is most of what needs to be done for you to achieve Core-50.

It’s quite exciting when you think about what just 4 others find a few more motivated people can achieve.

What’s Core-10 & Core-20?

You are recognised as Core-10 when you have 10 in your team of which you have introduced at least 5 personally.

You are recognised as Core-20 when you have 20 in your team of which you have introduced at least 5 personally.