Coaching Fundamentals – Review Tweak and Progress

Once the set-up phase is completed to the stage where they are sending out LinkedIn invitations to connect, it’s time to revisit how to record their activity in their Activity sheet.

Let them know that from now on you will be reviewing their Activity sheet to see how it is all going.

At this stage, one of the main things you are looking for is consistency of daily effort.

If there is a lack of results, it usually comes down to a lack of consistent effort – and this is easy to see by looking at their Daily Activity sheet in their Activity Workbook.

When they have their first guests scheduled to attend

  • Show them how to fill in their Work In Progress worksheet
  • Suggest they send you a link to their guests LinkedIn profile so that you know something about their guest when you meet them at the Hub
  • Make sure they are clear on what to say before and after the Hub
  • Make sure they introduce their guest to you after the Hub

When they have their first sit down meetings

  • In general, you should offer to the sit-downs and 45-minute get-starts with their guests until you feel they are confident to do it on their own
  • Initially, you would lead the conversations while your Coachee listens
  • Gradually transition to having them leading these conversations while you listen and pick up any important missing pieces
    • However, avoid the temptation of taking over!
  • Make suggestions about how best to progress their guests and why (think outside the square)
  • During weekly coaching sessions review their work in progress and make suggestions as to how they may best progress the people they are moving forward

When you help them register their first person on the NBS

  • High-five!
  • Make sure you remind your coachee to make an entry for their new network builder in the Fellow Collaborators workbook (Newbies section)
  • Also, remind your coachee to show their new builder how to access the Fellow Collaborators workbook and how to use it for best results (check with you first)
  • You may also want to record their new builder’s phone number and email address in your personal system (they will often become a very valuable part of your team – someone you can advocate to relevant others)

Register them as a Coach (see how to below)

So that they can access the Coaches Corner menu and Coaches Notes within relevant NBS web pages become visible to them

How to Register them in the system as a “Coach”?

  • If you are a Coach Administrator, use the “Add a new Coach” option in Coaches Corner
    • This is the last option in the Fundamentals menu and it’s only visible to Coach Administrators
  • If you are not a Coach Administrator, ask the person administering your Coaches group to do add the person you are coaching to the list of Coaches
  • If your not sure who your administrator is, ask your Coach

After their first couple of months of Activity

  • Show them how their numbers are tracking against the expected averages (Weekly summary Sheet)
    • Identify their weakest areas and make suggestions for improvement (Profile, Boolean search, Messaging….)
    • Check with your coach for ideas
  • If appropriate, talk with them about setting a 4-2 goal
  • Show them how to use the filters in Work In Progress sheet – especially the 4-2 filter
  • Show them how to schedule emails with talks using the worksheets designed for this purpose
  • Show them how to make their daily listening more efficient by establishing a Soundcloud account