Coaching Fundamentals – Orient Setup Build Trust

The NBS Syllabus Menu consists of these options

  • Building Your Network
  • Getting Tangible Results


You need to simultaneously progress your new coachee through both these menus

Getting Tangible Results Menu

  • This menu option is mostly about the Workshops
    • Getting people to a Workshop will normally be the catalyst for registering them on the NBS trial
  • For most, attending their first couple of Workshops
    • Triggers some many exciting penny-drop moments about what could be possible – for them
    • It’s the missing piece of the puzzle – now they can see how tangible results are generated from network building
  • However, a big part of your job is to show them they will need to work to earn the trust of others!
    • Yes, it is more worthwhile than you can imagine but you will need to contribute!

Results through a committed group of people

A group of people that they have not yet contributed to!

  • Although you want to show people how to get the tangible benefits
  • It’s important to balance this by showing them how to build their network
  • You need to make them aware that others in the Workshop see you as a giver, not just a taker!
    • A major part of giving is everyone being committed to growing the size of the Workshop
  • And that starts with consistent “fingers to keyboard” bringing people to the Hub

In summary:

  • You also need to be going through the “Building Your Network” menu
  • While working through the “Getting Tangible Results” menu

How much to cover in each Coaching Session?

  • The amount of the NBS syllabus you cover in each session will depend on how quickly your student seems to be picking it up
  • Be patient and work at their pace
  • It is important to record where this weeks session finished so that you know where to continue next week (make a note somewhere that you can easily find)

Build your relationship in the first 8 weeks

In the first 8 weeks, there is so much opportunity to interact.

Especially as you are guiding them through their initial set up – aligning their profiles etc

Also, during these 8 weeks, you are able to introduce them to others and make them feel welcome in the team

At the same time, you are able to gauge their willingness to put be solutions-focused and put in a consistent effort

Your Main Objectives in the first 4 weeks

  • Ensure they see the value
  • Establish the number of hours per week they are prepared to consistently commit
  • Get them to the stage of sending out invitation requests on LinkedIn
  • Have them so engaged in
    • Weekly Coaching sessions
    • The Hub
    • The Workshops
  • That continuing the NBS beyond their trial period is a foregone conclusion

How to ensure they see the value

  • When they attend their first Workshop, make sure you introduce them to others
    • After attending a Workshop, hearing the good news stories, great talks and meeting others most people are very excited
    • This is indeed the missing piece of the puzzle
  • As they start to go through the NBS Syllabus, the Fellow Collaborators Sheet, the incredible functionality of their Activity sheet, the talks etc.
    • They will see the enormous value of the content that is provided by the NBS and the obviously large cost involved to develop it
  • Make them aware of Case Studies (you should have as many up your sleeve as possible) and current good news stories
    • The more good news stories they hear (especially at the Workshops) the more they will see how they could participate and benefit
  • Help them engage with the atmosphere and the community by giving them an incentive to attend (usually by organising in advance for them to meet others)
    • The more they engage with our community, the more (positively) addictively it becomes!

Helping them become consistent

During your first or second coaching session, have an honest discussion with them about the level of consistent effort they are willing to commit to building their network.

  • Few people doubt the value of building their network
  • However, they will often struggle to prioritise consistency

Dealing with “Yes Buts”

Often new builders will express some “Yes But’s” (especially around the time required).

However, we all know if the perceived value is high enough, most people will prioritise the time required.

Nevertheless, it is important to meet people where they are at and gradually introduce them to the idea of becoming more solutions-focused.

You should have a reasonable idea of how much time your new builder is prepared to commit from the number of hours they entered when they filled in the Start Here tab of their Activity Sheet – as shown in the following screenshot:

If their answer is less than 8 hours (let’s say they entered 5 hours per week)

It’s good to ask questions such as:

  • If you only put 5 hours per week into a business or employment or doing an MBA what result would you expect?
  • Although 5 hours per week is in reality very little, it may seem like a lot to them because initially, they are putting this on top of everything else they are currently doing

If they enter more than 10 hours per week

It’s good to explain:

  • If they invest 10+ hours per week, they are likely to have more than 2 people per week attending the Hub and they would be swamped with people to deal with!
  • In other words, it makes no sense to invest more than 10 hours per week
  • Nor is it easily duplicatable – what’s the point if others will find it difficult to follow your example?

The potential areas where time could be committed to network building are:

  • 30-45 minute Coaching session each week
  • Attending the Weekly Hub
  • Attending the Workshop (held most weeks)
  • Fingers to keyboard engaging with people digitally before they come to the Hub

When you are discussing the best way to spend the limited amount of time they can consistently commit, it’s good to help them gain some important perspective:

  • They do need to commit to a regular 30-45 minute coaching session with you every week
    • There is some degree of flexibility here as life happens.
      • However, in respect of your time, they need to prioritise their free coaching session with you!
      • It’s also important that you keep on track during these coaching sessions because you are both busy
  • Once they get rolling, their fingers to keyboard time can easily be fitted in each day (for example 15 minutes at lunch and 15 minutes later in the evening)
  • The Weekly Hub needs to be attended regularly
    • However, initially, if they are very time poor they could attend the Hub once every 2 weeks
  • Attending the Workshop is where most builders find the greatest business/employment benefits so they should not miss them if possible
    • The activity spent putting fingers to keyboard and bringing guests to the Hub is mainly designed to find people who want to build their networks and attend the Workshops
  • Having settled on an initial number of hours they can commit per week, consistency is critical.
    • They need to be determined to stick with their commitment otherwise they are wasting their and your time!

Note: the amount of time they can consistently commit will usually increase over time as they see the increased value and make adjustments to their schedule

Have them so engaged that continuing the NBS beyond their trial is a foregone conclusion

It’s the combination of:

  • Your Coaching
  • Being proactive about moving them forward (especially meeting others)
  • The atmosphere of the Hub
  • The good news stories, great talks, meeting like-minded others at the workshop
  • Contributing by engaging in network building
  • Building great relationships with others in the community
  • Becoming a coach and learning to lead by example
  • Gaining invaluable knowledge (especially by listening to great audios and videos)

Help them establish a habit of listening and learning

  • Encourage people to listen/watch the great audios/videos available in the NBS
  • Help them establish a habit of listening to great talks every day
  • Be passionate and excited about how much value you think they will get from listening to these talks
  • Suggest that they read / list to the first ‘n’ number of these talks by next week’s coaching session
  • Remind them that the talks in this menu option can also be accessed on their mobile phone
  • This makes it easy to listen while in the car or on Public Transport

Recommended Talks

  • These are located in every menu option!
  • Encourage them to listen to these talks
  • During each coaching session, ask them which talks they listened to last week and what they got from them