Coaching Fundamentals – Ongoing Weekly Coaching

Weekly Coaching never stops

  • When the person you are coaching starts coaching others, they may have mastered most of the basics
  • However, they can also benefit from the invaluable experience you have gained in coaching and leadership
  • They can also benefit if they position you as someone that can help their people (with introductions and in other ways)

What happens during a coaching session with someone you are coaching who is a coach?

Review Advanced Homework

They may have mastered the basics but all of us need to be continually learning more about topics such as how to bring the best out in people, personal growth, leadership, etc.

Most people find such learning enjoyable and invaluable in terms of achieving results and seeing greater possibilities.

So it’s great to look at the list of Advanced topics in Coaches Corner, pick a topic that you believe your coachee would really benefit from and suggest that they review the material on this topic by next weeks Coaching session.

Then, before you get into the nitty gritty of their activity and where each person in their Work In Progress is up to, ask something like:

  • What did you get from that?
  • It’s important that you are familiar with the topic yourself so you can highlight relevant aspects.

Then set another topic to be reviewed by next week

Review their Daily Activity Sheet

  • How is their Consistency?
  • How many guests are they bringing to the Hub?
  • Are they on track for their 4-2?
  • They need to be setting the example by bringing their own guests to the Hub
    • When they have new people at the Hub each week, it wins the respect of those they are coaching
    • It also prevents complaints about “how hard it is to be consistent with all the things I have on my plate”
    • And it gives that coach plenty of case studies to talk about

Review their Work In Progress Sheet

Once they have about 20 entries in the Work In Progress, you’ll find you typically go straight for the 4-2 filter so you can focus on helping them progress their best candidates.


When you are coaching a number of people you can quickly access their Activity sheet by linking it to their name in your Activity sheet

It’s good to discuss who they are working with.

You will often have great ideas about who they can meet at a workshop or on a Monday and what can be said to help them see what’s possible!