Coaches Corner NBS – Set time for regular Coaching

Establishing a time for regular weekly coaching is very important

  • If building a network is very important to your new builder, it is critical that they set aside a defined time to engage in regular weekly coaching
    • In the first 6+ weeks, you will be guiding them through the setup which will allow them to automate much of the process (thus saving them a lot of time)
    • It will also set them up to be effective in inviting people and helping to move them forward
    • In the process, it’s common for people to learn things that will save them a lot of time or help them to become far more productive in other areas of work
  • Sometimes you or your new builder will need to change the regular coaching time
    • Try not to let this become a habit – if network building is important it needs to be prioritised
    • If a session needs to be shifted, take control of the process by ensuring that another time is immediately established
    • We all work so much better with a defined routine!

Suggest some times to your new builder that works for you and see what works for them