Coaches Corner NBS – Download an Activity Sheet

The Importance of the Activity Sheet

Duplication is super-important because it makes your life as a coach so much easier!

Let’s say you have a better way and you want the people you are coaching to take advantage of that. Sounds like a good idea – but is it really?

Things get very messy when the aim of the game becomes everyone coming up with a better (undocumented) way of doing things. Then it relies on a coach explaining their way of doing things to the next person.

If you have ideas for improvement, feed them to the Connect Collaborative so they can be considered and possibly included in the system.

As you know, the Activity Sheet has many advantages.
Here are just a few:

  • It provides a way of measuring and reviewing consistency during the ongoing coaching process
  • Summarised results over a 6 month period can be compared with the expected average range
    • This allows a coach to identify areas of weakness and see how improvements can be made
    • This also reinforces to the person that you are coaching that this is a numbers game
      • Remind them that patience pays – they are laying the foundation for exponential growth
  • The Activity sheet also allows you and your builder to keep track of the people they have invited to the Hub in the Work In Progress tab
    • The Work In Progress tab contains some very useful filters
      • For example, one filter enables builders to focus on candidates who could be part of their current 4-2 goal
  • The Activity sheet also provides access to great talks which can be sent or scheduled to be sent to the people they are working with

Download an Activity Sheet (a templated Google Spreadsheet)

Ask your new builder to go to the Search option of the Builders menu and click Download-Activity-Sheet as shown in the following screenshot

After clicking of Download an Activity from the list, a screen similar to the following should then be displayed:

  • Ask your new builder: What do you see?
    • They should describe a screen similar to the above
  • Ask your new builder to click ‘Make a copy’
    • This will download a blank Activity Sheet from a central template
  • After your new builder has downloaded their Activity sheet ask them to:
    • Bookmark their Activity Sheet for later use
      • If they are accomplished Google Drive users they can probably find this spreadsheet on their Google Drive
        • However, it’s usually safer to ask them to bookmark the link (click star at the right of the address bar) as shown in the following screenshot:
  • Bookmarking is easy
    • Click Here for a good video explaining Chrome bookmarks if you are unsure or want to learn how to organise bookmarks (definitely worthwhile)
  • Ask them to share a link to their Activity sheet with you
    • Click the File menu at the top of the sheet then click Share
    • Ask your new builder to enter your email address and any other relevant coaches email addresses
      • Make sure you spell your email address carefully so they enter it correctly
    • This will send a link to their new Activity sheet to your email inbox
  • When the link to your new builder’s Activity sheet arrives in your inbox:
    • Click the link to open their sheet
    • Change “Your Name Here” at the top of the sheet to their name
    • Notes:
      • It is important that you do not overwrite the version number of the Activity sheet when you change their name
      • They will see the name change in their spreadsheet as you type. Some people won’t be familiar with collaborative documents and this will be quite eye-opening to them
    • Link their Activity sheet to their name in your Work In Progress tab
      • This helps you enormously when you have weekly coaching sessions with several builders because you can quickly access their Activity Sheets without having to search everywhere. With a simple click so you can review their progress for the last week.
        • The steps to setting linking their Activity to their name in your Work-In-Progress tab are as follows:
          • Obtain a link to their Activity Sheet (File → Share → Get Shareable link)
          • Open the Work In Progress tab of your Activity Sheet and link as follows:
          • Right-click on the cell containing their name to bring up the menu as shown in the following screenshot
          • Then press Inset Link from this menu
          • Then paste in the link to their Activity sheet
  • This also means you now have the link to their Activity Sheet which you can send them if they are unable to locate their Activity Sheet
  • Explain that every time they open their Activity Sheet it will automatically open in the Daily Activity tab (see Tabs at the bottom of the sheet) at today’s date.
    • This makes it easy to enter their Activity for that day – more about this in a minute but first, let’s go to the Start Here tab
  • While you are going through the Start-Here tab with them it is important for them to imagine they are starting someone new and going through the Start Here tab with them. The goal is for them to be coaching others in a duplicatable way so that exponential growth can be achieved.

The Start Here tab

  • Let’s work through the various sections of the Start Here Tab (highlighted in bold below)

How Important are these things to me?

  • The questions in this section help people gain increased clarity (in addition to Video-2 and the chat you had with them before you registered them)
    • Many people have not recently done an exercise like this that helps them clarify what they really would like (how they would like to live vs what they want to do
    • We continually emphasise the Why-To (before thinking about the How-To) because we know how important it is for people to remain inspired
    • They will not remain focused on the How-To (network building) unless they have a clear vision of the end result they want to achieve and are clear about how building a network can help them achieve what they clearly visualise
  • Follow the prompts. 1-10 etc
    • Do you know the difference between employment security and income security? Employment security is a job, income security, on the other hand, is money that comes in no matter the job or gig.
    • Can you see how this takes people away from the day to day grind and helps them think about a bigger picture and what’s possible?
    • Remember, I’m not talking to you, I’m talking to you about how you talk to the people you are starting (and they will typically have different priorities to you)
  • Work through the list of questions
  • The free-form area at the bottom is to enter anything specific that would be a strong motivator for them

What are the Alternatives?

  • Take a small portion of time to go through other options people sometimes to consider to ‘get ahead’
    • MBA/study – $’s 15,000 – 40,000/yr, hours min. 20, any guarantee??
    • Business – $’s in the 10’s-100’s thousands, hours 50-80+ per week, risk??
    • Building a network – $’s under 200/mth, hours 8-12, the risk is low – guaranteed to meet people

How many hours per week are you prepared to invest?

  • Ask, them to enter the number of hours they are prepared to invest in network building in the relevant cell.
  • This is one of the most important questions on the sheet – it will give you an idea about how they are prioritising building their network – what value they are putting on it
  • 10 hours per week all up should be more than enough to bring between 2 and 4 people to the Hub each week
    • Any more hours could be counter-productive because you can only handle about 2-4 new people each week
  • Given the result that will be achieved (over 1000 advocates in 4 years) this is a small investment of time (far less than a job or a business)
    • However, it may seem quite a lot on top of everything else they are doing
    • That’s why it’s so important that they understand:
      • Their activity level is flexible but they must be consistent – they can start with a lower number of hours and adjust as time goes on.
        • For example, they may start by attending the Hub every fortnight
      • Consistency is critically important – pick a level of Activity and be determined to stick with it
      • Network Building is the best way for them to multiply their time not just manage it!
      • What they can have when they build a large self-expanding network alongside others doing the same

What’s the Result?

  • If you scroll down and look at the numbers you will see that after 1 year, you’ve only taken on 5 other network builders.
  • Sounds like a little result for the investment of 8-10 hours per week
    • Although 95% of what you consistently do amounts to nothing, it’s extremely important to realise that introducing just 5 other consistent network builders every year means you are still on track for over 1000 in 4 years
    • It’s all about duplication
  • The Numbers on the right are the results typically delivered by traditional networking methods
    • The numbers on the left are the result of building a network with a system that teaches Duplication
  • Now, don’t do it yet, but what do you think will happen in the 4th year if you change the % about from 5 to 6% of the people you bring to the Hub become network builders?? PAUSE!! and wait for the answer (this is a punchline for most)
    • That is the results of network building v’s networking
      • Can you see the difference?
      • This exponential growth is made possible by the systematic approach provided by the NBS


  • People will always have “yes but’s” and automatically fall back on excuse thinking rather than solution thinking
  • For example, if they are travelling,
    • “fingers to keyboard” can be done from anywhere at any time
    • If they can only attend every fortnight, they can invite more guests for each night or they can ask another collaborator to meet their guests
  • It’s important to help people get clear on that
  • When it’s important enough we can all become solutions focused

Why we need the NBS

  • Consistency – Activity is measured in the Activity sheet
    • Recording the numbers gives them their own statistical data which makes it predictable
  • Duplication
    • Most people can’t visualise the power of duplication
    • We are at a point in history where we have access to an unlimited list of contacts (on Linkedin for example).
    • However, these connections are only valuable if you meet face to face.
      • Major transactions seldom occur without first meeting face-to-face.
    • We are the only people with this system in the world so we have a big head start on the rest of the world.

Then briefly explain the other tabs of the Activity Sheet

  • Let them know you will be explaining the other tabs of the Activity sheet in more detail when they start inviting people.
  • However, give them a brief overview of what each tab is about so that they know why it’s there

Daily Activity tab

  • This is where you record the fingers to keyboard activity that you did on a particular day broken into your
    • Connection request messages sent
    • Thanks for Connecting messages sent
    • Which date suits you best messages sent
    • Confirmation (Calendar Invite)
    • Meeting attendance

Weekly Summary Tab

  • Encourage them to view the Weekly Summary tab
  • Explain that this shows the summarised results of their activity over the past 6 months
  • Point out the expected results range (to the right of the blue area at the top right of the sheet)
  • Explain that these summarised results help a coach to pinpoint where they are doing well and which areas need improvement

Work-In-Progress Tab

  • Now ask your new builder to view their Work-In-Progress tab
    • There is a lot of sophistication in this tab
    • Especially with the use of filters
  • There is no need to go into great detail right now – you can explain the details when they start sending calendar invites for the Hub
  • Simply explain that the Work In Progress tab is where they will record details of the people they have invited to the Hub

Mail Merge Audios Tab

  • Point out that there are a number of tabs that make it easy to send immediately or schedule the sending of great talks to people they are working with
  • It’s good to go into the ‘Mail Merge Audios’ tab and show the vast list of audios from which they can choose

Wrap up and set up a time for a regular weekly coaching call

  • As the name implies, the Activity sheet is for recording your Activity
    • However, before taking action there are few things we need to help you set up to make the process simple, efficient and effective
    • We’ll revisit the Activity sheet in more detail once we have gone through those set-up steps