Coaches Corner Fundamentals – Leading by Example

The people you choose to coach on the NBS will have

  • Varying levels of Contribution, Commitment & Motivation
  • Varying goals
  • Different strengths and weakness
  • Different personality styles
  • Varying paradigms
  • Varying ways of learning
  • Varying ability to put themselves in the shoes of the other person
  • Varying self-belief
  • Varying circumstances and views on how much those circumstances limit them
  • Varying attitudes and ‘emotional intelligence’
  • Varying rates of progression

Welcome to life!

Our process is simple but people are complex!

Setting the Example

  • It has been said that being the example is not the main thing – it’s the only thing!
  • As a coach, it is great to be setting the example and showing it is not difficult to bring 2 people per week to the Hub with a small consistent amount of “fingers to keyboard”
  • This means you will have plenty of potential people to coach.
  • Especially as some of these will want you to initially coach the people they bring.
  • As a result, you don’t ‘need’ anyone to build a large network of network builders
  • You can choose how much time you invest with each person
    • Focus on creating momentum rather than solving problems!

Bringing out the best in those you are coaching

  • People love to be coached by someone who inspires and encourages them
    • Where possible praise rather than perfect
  • Expect the people you are coaching to do well
  • If they are doing what it takes, become invested in their success
  • Know when to pat and when to push
  • Know your recorded talks – sending someone the right talk at the right time can save you a lot of time
  • Decide to get good at it (like anything, you can)
    • We are continually adding resources that can help you develop your people skills, leadership ability, etc.
  • Always seek the advice of your coach and others you respect