Coaches Corner Fundamentals – Start Here

What is Coaches Corner?

  • The purpose of  “Coaches Corner” is to provide coaches with
    • Hints and tips to help a coach guide the people they are coaching through the NBS Syllabus (see separate menu)
    • Help to achieve far greater results (both in network building and personal/business goals)
    • Perspective on how to coach others so they can better coach others

Coaches Corner Menu

There are 2 options in the coaches corner menu:

  • Coaching for Coaches
  • Advanced

“Coaching for Coaches” provides the coaching basics

“Advanced” provides resources to help coaches learn, grow and achieve better results

What does being a Coach involve?

  • Quite simply you need to duplicate the steps that your coach has been through with you with others you have introduced
  • In other words, you just need to duplicate the simple steps of the NBS to move forward!


It’s always worth remembering:
** While following the NBS is simple **
** People are complicated!**

The more you coach others, the more you learn how to encourage and inspire them.
Working positively with us is one of the major keys to success.

Initial joint coaching sessions

  • Usually, it’s best to run your first few coaching sessions as a conference call with your coach
  • Discuss this with your coach
  • Depending on your confidence level and the stage you have reached you may feel most comfortable using a joint coaching session where you can mainly listen while your coach takes someone you have introduced through the fundamental steps of the NBS
  • On the other hand, your coach may suggest you take the lead role while they listen in

Your role as a ‘Coach’

  • First and Foremost remember that when someone takes a 1-month trial, they are not yet committed!
    • It will take time for them to form habits and really see the value
    • For example, even when you set up a recurring calendar invite for their weekly coaching session, it is good to touch base in advance and make sure they haven’t forgotten!
  • You are someone who guides people as to how to build their network and build trust with fellow collaborators
  • You help others learn how to build their networks and how to coach others they have brought onto the NBS.
  • You are willing to invest in the right people and help them create success by helping them make relevant connections and ‘bounce’ ideas around with them.
  • You will undoubtedly form great relationships with the people you are coaching and you will learn a great deal about leading, inspiring and encouraging people in the process
  • The personal development is exceptional because you have something practical to apply it to (building a network) rather than personal development for the sake of personal development
  • However, it’s important to realise you are not responsible for other people’s success!
  • You can’t ‘make’ other people successful (it’s an inside job).
  • You are not a counsellor or a ‘life’ coach
  • When you are bringing 2 new people per week:
    • You find great people to work with – people you don’t have to drag forward, willing people with a great attitude
  • While you may really want someone else to succeed they have to meet you at least half way because you just don’t have the time to invest in a ‘project’

What are the Benefits of Coaching?

Excitedly expect good things to happen!

  • In many cases, we only really learn some things when you start teaching them!
    • Typically you become much better at network building as you start to coach others!
  • You are starting a process of duplication which means your extended network begins to grow exponentially
    • You are coaching others to coach others.
  • As your network expands people in your network will introduce contacts to you that may be ideal business partners
    • In the process, you earn trust by helping those people connect with relevant others
  • Most importantly, you will develop as a leader and a coach
    • Often this helps you to undergo the personal development you need to break through and achieve far greater results in everything you do
  • As you get to know people you come across many ideas and connections that help you fast-track to your goals and ideal lifestyle
  • As a coach, you are starting to create exponential growth that benefits everyone
    • Which means all the key collaborators will be doing their best to help you!
  • You have a coach who can help you
    • Crystalise your current and future ideas for creating your ideal lifestyle (start with why – again)
      • Is what you are currently doing still supporting your long-term lifestyle goals?
      • What other possibilities are there?
    • Learn how to “trigger” other collaborators to think of good contacts for you
      • How can you make it easy for them to think of you?
  • The skills you acquire as an NBS coach and network builder will be of invaluable help in any endeavour you undertake
  • So many great things await you as you build a large network and become known by others
  • It’s worth knowing that people follow people who are passionate
    • Learn how to cast vision to others and you, in turn, will remain inspired
    • Maintaining a positive attitude (even when coaching people who challenge you) is 90% of the battle for success and results won!

Follow the NBS – don’t cut corners

  • Follow the steps of the NBS – because you want the right things to duplicate
  • People work so much better when they know there is a system to follow that produces predictable results