Coaches Corner Fundamentals – Our Curriculum

Our Network Building Curriculum is divided into:

  • Fundamentals
  • Advanced


  • This section of the Curriculum starts by orienting new Coaches to the Coaching process
  • It then shows the Coach how to guide a new builder through
    • The Get-Start process and
    • The Fundamental modules of the NBS


  • The Advanced section provides modules which will help coaches:
    • Achieve great professional and personal results from their interactions with others in the network
    • Develop their skills
    • Achieve faster-growing networks which have high engagement
    • Develop their EQ (Emotional Intelligence)
    • Remain inspired and inspiring
    • Achieve better results in every area of their lives

Progressing through the Advanced Section

  • The Advanced Section provides short modules on various topics
  • Ideally these modules should be worked through in Sequence
  • This will allow the Coach and the Coachee to be on the same page
  • As the number of people you are coaching increases, time with your coach is spent mostly discussing how you can best help the people you are coaching
  • Nevertheless a great question for your coach to ask is:
  • “Which advanced module did you study this week and what did you get from it?”
  • If this becomes a habit, you will be continually learning, growing and achieving greater results