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Switch from networking to network building

Switch from networking to network building

The world is telling us to network

But no one is showing us how

Networking is vital they say – and they are right – but how do you effectively build your network?

How do most people see networking and what results are they achieving?

Most people see networking as the process of connecting with others in the hope of doing business with (or being hired by) those they reach out to.

We call this one-dimensional networking

It is typically very labour-intensive and does not multiply your time.

It typically goes something like this:

  • I meet with you and listen to your pitch
    • (but I’m not really listening – what I’m really doing is thinking about how I’m going to pitch to you)
  • We both agree we can’t do much for each other right now
    • (but we’re glad we’ve met and we’ll keep an eye out for good connections for each other in the future)
  • We move on looking to catch our next fish and rarely do anything to further the relationship

And what’s the process?

  • Meet and pitch to lots of people on LinkedIn?
  • Attend “networking” events and feel awkward about randomly breaking into conversations?

Do we engage in such activities consistently or just when we feel we need more business (because it is so unpleasant and unproductive we don’t enjoy it)?

2-dimensional networking

This is where you join a networking group where the expectation is that you will refer business to others in the group (whether you like and trust them or not).

Often this is a static group consisting of local business owners whose vision is limited to gaining success for their current business.

Little thought is given to achieving personal end goals through leverage.

This is fine if that’s all you want and you enjoy the social aspect of regularly meeting with the same group of people.

However, if you decide to put the time into networking – why not expect the process to produce much greater results through the leverage that is possible?

Build an exponentially growing network of people who proactively advocate for those they Know Like & Trust

The benefit here is that you learn how to find great potential partners with whom you can build Know Like and Trust relationships

It doesn’t matter what industry they are involved in because they are also consistently building their networks and meeting people who could be ideal business partners for you.

When they do find people that may be great contacts for you, they will do more than just refer you, they will actually advocate for you.

As your network expands you have a growing number of people who will advocate for you so that it becomes easier and easier to generate both short and long term results.

In most cases, the reason people will strongly advocate for you is usually that you have first advocated for them (the law of reciprocity is very powerful).

When you build your own network

  • You gain the respect of others who are also building their networks
    • There is no point in “joining” a network, purely to meet the people already in the network. No one will respect you or advocate for you unless you are willing to contribute by building your own network
    • You are in control of who you choose to build relationships with, who you advocate for and the results you achieve
    • You can now take advantage of the 3rd-dimension of networking by interacting with others building their networks
      • Which means you massively multiply your results
    • You discover many new ideas and commercial opportunities

What are the benefits of building your network?

Exponentially growing results are achieved by following proven duplicatable processes to build Know Like & Trust relationships with others who also believe in advocacy and reciprocity.

Which means you can leverage your time and quickly progress towards you personally desired end goals

As with anything worthwhile, it will take a small amount of consistent effort.

Why Not?

Why Not?

8 Reasons You Should Be Dreaming Bigger

Jodie Cook explores concepts in entrepreneurship, happiness and lifestyle design

  • Dream big about what you want to achieve
  • Dream big about the life you want to lead and the difference you want to make
  • Dream big about the person you want to be. Dream big because you might surprise yourself
  • Dream big because until you do, you’ll have no idea what you’re capable of!
8 reasons you should be dreaming bigger

1.   Because there’s less competition

There are far fewer applications for the huge, life-changing roles, contracts and grants than there are for the smaller ones. It’s lonely at the top.

People talk themselves out of aiming high. They settle for less, make excuses and rarely leave their comfort zone. They believe that someone else will be better qualified so they don’t submit an application.

Submit the application. Put your name in the hat and make the case for why it should be you. Back yourself. Dream big because no one else is daring to do it.

2.   Because falling just short will still be great

Picture hearing the best news you could ever hear, for your life or career.

Now imagine falling just short of that. Still good, right?

The bigger your plan A, by default, the better your plan B, C and D.

As Les Brown said, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss it you will land among the stars.”

8 reasons you should be dreaming bigger

3.   Because you could reach so many more people

If you truly believe you’re onto something amazing, that your product or service or invention can genuinely save lives or make people happy or solve a problem, go big with your plans.

Aim to surprise and delight as many people as possible, as fast as possible, and ride the word-of-mouth wave to reach higher heights. Unlock the opportunities that come from scale and magnify your impact.

4.   Because going small is easy and boring

As Marilyn Monroe put it: “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Make living an ordinary life your worse-case scenario, not your master plan. You can always opt out and take a step back in the future. It’s always possible to downsize, downgrade and take it slowly. You always have that fallback. I’d much rather say “I can’t believe I did that” than “I wish I’d done that”.

8 reasons you should be dreaming bigger

5.   Because there’s always a way

As Walt Disney said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

If someone else is doing it, you can do it.

No matter the favourable circumstances or the head start they might have had, you can come up with the ideas to level the playing field.

For every person looking make cutbacks, there’s another looking to spend a budget.

For every person looking for experience, there’s another looking for fresh eyes and enthusiasm. Other people are accessing the opportunities that could be yours, so let that be proof that it’s possible for you.

6.   Because it’s newsworthy

As Daniel Burnham, Architect of Chicago, said: “Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work…”.

Big plans ignite the imagination of others.

You’re taken seriously, you’re thought of differently.

Your name becomes synonymous with big projects, big opportunities, big success.

You gather a tribe because others want to share in that success or cheer you on.

It’s aspirational, it’s inspirational and success breeds success.

8 reasons you should be dreaming bigger

7.   Because you’re fully capable of doing it

Write down all of the goals you want to achieve in your whole life.

Stare at them and imagine them happening.

Now picture anyone else who is better placed to achieve those things.

Who has the skills, network, intention and belief to achieve those things?

It’s you. It’s you alone. No one on this planet is better placed to carry out the work that you were put here to do and the difference you were put here to make.

Possessing self-belief and courage is impressive to witness and can amass a crowd. As Harriet Tubman said, “Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

8.   Because your time here is finite

Fear of failure holding you back?

Yes, failure is a possibility, but is that really the worst that could happen?

The worst case scenario is probably that you’ll die. One day that’s going to happen anyway, so you might as well dream big ahead of that. 

Stop acting like you’re going to live forever.

From Erin Hanson, “What if I fail? But oh my darling, what if you fly?”

It could be you that gets that life-changing phone call or opportunity or that unexpected “yes”.

Dreaming, planning and putting the work in turns long odds into short ones.

Make the audacious plans, ask the giant questions and consider that every possibility could very well happen.

Business Results

Are you interested in a better future for your business

***Or*** A better future for you?

Are you assuming better business results will automatically translate to
a better future for you?

Far too often we see people striving for success in their business only to find that this does not necessarily mean a better life them.

How often have we seen some work hard to create a successful business only to find that they feel their business owns them.

The risks they took, the sweat equity they put in did not result in fulfilling the dream they had when they started. They are stuck struggling to survive – feeling the burden of their debt and the need to put bread on the table – and asking: when is this going to change?

It’s like the story of the printer that a member of the CC helped obtain a very large contract which meant he ended up working huge hours for many months to fulfil. This ended up having a huge toll on his health and family relationships.

Too often, we consider business success without consider whether this is taking the owner of the business closer to the life they’d really like to be living.

Change is relentless. New technology constantly out dates existing industries while new industries are constantly being born. Unforeseen events such as COVID can decimate the wealth invested in industries such as travel and deprive many of the livelihood they previously enjoyed.

Who wants to take the risk of going into business? Especially with income tax rates as they are?

For those lucky enough to exit a successful business with cash in hand, what kind of safe return can be expected on that cash (compare that with the case that existed 20-30 years ago)?

So what is the answer?

Start with Why
Ask yourself WHY am I doing what I am doing?
And How could I set up the future I would like?

The Bottom Line

In order for you to live the way you would really like to live you need:

  • Increasing amounts of secure income
  • Generated with a decreasing amount of personal time invested to produce that income
    • Let’s call this “leveraged” income
  • Ideally, you should also be aiming for increasing sources of this type of income
    • Always remembering that the type of income (leveraged and on-going) is as important (if not more important) than the amount of income

This strategy will give you the freedom to

  • Create more great memories, relationships and experiences with those we care about and
  • Make a great difference in the lives of others

Begin with the End in Mind

Assuming you do want to achieve this seemingly Utopian “better future”, in most cases you will be currently stuck struggling to put bread on the table and not completely confident about what the future holds – right?

The key here is not to let the short-term urgent prevent you from devoting a small part of your day working to your longer-term important.

So, what strategy will most predictably & safely

Result in you being able to lead the live you’d really like to lead a few years from now?

It’s tempting to think that it’s going to be a killer idea that you invent.
Or that you require some incredible talent to make it happen.

Experience has shown over and over that truly great ideas fail more often than they succeed – often after considerable investment of time and money.

The predictable way to make it happen?

Build a team of team building advocates

Say what? ‘A team of team building advocates’. That’s a big mouthful. What does it mean and why will investing your time safely here inevitably lead to achieving a better life?

When you build a team of team building advocates

  • An ever increasing number of influential others will advocate for you to help you succeed in whatever endeavour you discover and choose to pursue (this could even be an enhancement to what you are currently doing)
    • This can help you with urgent needs such as earning immediate income
  • More importantly it can help you discover and test ideas that produce leveraged income and provide exponentially growing advocacy for you and the ideas you are promoting (note idea(s) plural)
    • So you can achieve your end goal – more income with less personal effort
  • There are so many examples of exactly this happening in the Connect Collaborative
  • The key is to start building your network first using the tools of the Connect Collaborative (it is so easy for you to build a small team of say 5 and it is exciting to see how those 5 can expand to a team of 50 advocates and beyond
    • After you achieve a small milestone of building your network it is easy to broaden your advocacy by interacting with others in the CC who are doing the same thing
  • Change your thinking to
    • Network first, expecting to discover great ideas capable of safely producing leveraged income. Rather than starting with an idea you think ‘can’t fail’ and building a network to support that idea
    • When you are looking for ideas that must tick certain personal end result boxes (such a producing leveraged income), you will be surprised what ideas you discover, discard and pursue when you proactively build your network
  • Imagine having an increasing number of people advocating for you (rather than your business). These people find it east advocate for you because they have seen you build your network and in the process
    • You have adopted the motto: Advocate for others first” to build trust
    • You have proven you have integrity – you do what you say you are going to do
    • You have the ability to put in consistent effort
    • You have the ability to build relationships & advocate for others
    • They can then easily advocate for you because they know that these are rare attributes which any business partner or potential employer will be most interested in (more so than your ‘technical’ ability which they can more easily assess for themselves.

Understand the difference between

Networking and Network Building

How do you see networking?

  • Building an ever increasing number of “connections” on LinkedIn?
    • How well does that result in Know Like and Trust relationships with people who will advocate for you?
  • Attending (virtual or physical) networking events
    • If so are you attending with a once-off intention – out of curiosity of hoping to meet an ideal contact?
    • Are you content if the network to which you belong remains relatively stagnant – in other words you can only build relationships with the people who attend every week/month?
    • Or are you hoping others will expand the network so you have more people to meet (just so long as you don’t have to do that yourself)?
    • How would you see such a network as helping you to achieve a better future?
  • Building long-term relationships as a natural part of what you do?
    • In other words, over many years you have built many know like and trust relationships
    • However, if you are honest, how many of these close relationships actually proactively advocate for you on a regular basis?
      • Or do they help only when you ask them to?
  • Building a team of team building advocates?
    • As you gain more experience in the culture of the Connect Collaborative, the power of this approach to help you achieve a better future (for you – not just your business) will become increasingly clear