Access the Fellow Collaborators Spreadsheets

The Fellow Collaborators Spreadsheet contains contact and other valuable information about other Collaborators currently subscribed to the NBS.

If you are new to the NBS it is important to remember that your primary objective is to build your own network by inviting and meeting connections; using the tools of the NBS, that aren’t already attending the Hub or other Connect Collaborative events.

It is important that if you do see that there is an opportunity to collaborate with someone who is already part of the Connect Collaborative network, that you involve your and their Primary relationship in the conversation so that they are aware and can help each individual achieve the best possible outcome.


Just because someone is subscribed to the NBS does not mean they are genuine collaborators. Speaking with your and their Primary Relationships (even if you have been around for some time) before progressing to a 1 on 1 meeting is a clear indicator to others that you are genuinely intent on building long term relationships.

The Fellow Collaborators Sheet is NOT for public distribution.
DO NOT share or add collaborators information to data bases, mailing lists or other marketing programs without their explicit permission

Request Access to Fellow Collaborators

The following only needs to be done once!

Only the person requesting access should submit the following form

This form cannot be submitted on behalf of someone else (as a coach you can not submit this form on behalf of your new builder).

The email address submitted needs to align with the Google Account of the user submitting the form.

Once you have filled in the form below, wait for 20 minutes and then try again to access Fellow Collaborators using this link.

If your access permission is still pending you will see a message which says: “Request Access”

PLEASE DON’T click “Request Access”!!

Just be patient and wait your 20 minutes out.

If you continue to get the “Request Access” message after 20 minutes or you are experiencing any other problems, email and we’ll have you up and running ASAP!

Note: Your Google Account is the one you log into Google with when using Chrome.
This may or may not be a gmail account.


Click Here if you ALREADY have to access Fellow Collaborators using the once only procedure described above.

Also Note: Only make entries in Fellow Collaborators after you have read the Instructions sheet in the Workbook (see the tab at the bottom labelled: “Instructions”)