The Hub is not an “event” or a seminar. It is a “Coffee Alternative” – a place to meet and build relationships.

It is a place to purposefully meet new contacts as well as their network. The intention is to build relationships, rather than focus on immediate transactions (a “no pitch” style environment). Meeting at a Hub can be significantly more effective than sitting with new contacts over a coffee.

Although it may be unlikely that the person who has invited you will be able to do business with you, it is almost a certainty that they will know people who will be good contacts for you.

If they are able to help you to meet relevant like-minded others, you may be able to return the favour at some time (as we all know what goes around comes around) … this is the culture within the Connect Collaborative.

Hubs are held every week in several locations around Australia.

They are organised by volunteers. New people are hosted and introduced to others to make them feel welcome.

These events are becoming increasingly popular as people recognise the benefits of proactively building their networks.

As such, it is possible that several people may have invited you to meet with them and their connections at a Hub – perfect!
Isn’t this a better use of your time than merely meeting one person over a coffee?

This gives you the chance to meet and connect with several new people at the same time – effective and efficient!

Most importantly, NO HUB is associated with any particular business or organisation. HUBS are independently organised events that do not promote any particular business or person collectively or individually. 

If you have not yet been invited to meet with someone around a Hub and are interested in building your network, contact us at and we’ll arrange a relevent contact to connect you with.

We are about genuine collaboration to help each other build our network of know, like and trust relationships. If you feel that the person who has brought you along is not acting in a manner that reflects this, please email us at