Bring your own cow (don’t milk the room)

It’s tempting to believe

Your idea/process/product/service/technology is so valuable

That you don’t need to contribute new people (and their extended networks) to our community.

Let’s think this through!

What if everyone took this attitude?

  • Soon they’d been no network to take advantage of all the great offerings!

How do you find the time to put your fingers to keyboard?

Others with perhaps even more difficult time constraints manage to create a “fingers to keyboard” habit

Meeting two new guests at the Hub each week is a lot quicker and more effective than coffee meetings – right?

Isn’t this really a question of perceived value and perspective?

Let’s unpack this a bit!

The value of bringing and progressing your own guests

When you bring guests into the room and transition some of them to network builders a number of really great things happen!

  • When you introduce your guests to relevant collaborators, those collaborators will start to remember you and introduce their relevant guests to you
  • When you are building a network through the guests you bring, you have a potentially huge, growing, extended network
    • You will be amazed at the people that your guests know (6 degrees of separation)!!!!!
  • This makes it so much easier for you to advocate for other collaborators
  • And just imagine many other collaborators doing the same for you!
  • When you start coaching other network builders using the NBS you start to develop fantastic know, like and trust relationships
    • You have probably already experienced this with the person coaching you – and their coach as well?
    • Which means the team you are building will do their best to look for valuable contacts and opportunities within their team before reaching out to the teams of others
    • If there are 10 business coaches in the collaborative and you have a great one in your team – who will those in your immediate team advocate for first?
  • When you start coaching others you start the Duplication process – your team (and therefore opportunities for you) start to grow exponentially

Bringing your own cow boils down to

  • Consistent daily effort
  • Working with your coach to become efficient and effective
  • Working smarter not just harder

Good automation, process and habits

With good automation and process,
It should only require about half an hour a day of fingers on the keyboard
To bring 2 new guests to the Hub each week

  • Given the inevitable results, this brings to you, this is a relatively small investment of your time!
    • Especially when compared with the meet them for a coffee strategy which has little chance to build an on-going relationship
  • Make a consistent effort as easy as possible by booby-trapping yourself into success
  • By far the most effective strategy is to reserve the same time every day for “fingers to keyboard”
    • This will help you start to form a consistent habit
  • If possible, the best time is early in the morning
    • Although “fingers to keyboard” can be done at any time of day
    • If you try to do it later in the day, you will find the day will usually over-run you and you’ll feel anxious that you haven’t done your fingers to keyboard yet
    • Win the morning win the day!
      • Then it’s not such a great task to finish off your remaining “thanks for connecting” messages at the end of the day
  • As with anything you do consistently, you’ll find you get good at this process!
  • Where there’s a will there’s always a way!

Find ways to keep the process fresh and motivating

Don’t we all know how easy it is to quickly get bored with a process?

In many cases, we know what we “should” be doing and know that it will produce the results we are after yet we lose motivation and find plenty of excuses why we “can’t”.

Here are some tips that may help!

  • Have a goal to bring better quality candidates with less effort
  • You’ll find you are highly motivated when you are easily able to bring 1-2 or even 3-4 great people to the Hub every week
    • It’s great when you meet other great people “on the same page” that you want to develop like and trust relationships with
    • This also gives you more options for the people you choose to coach and how you choose to coach them
  • Visualise what it will be like when you have personally introduced 5-10 great network builders who have done the same
  • Imagine the excitement, momentum and motivation then!
  • Work with your coach and STUDY the Syllabus to improve things like
    • Your profile
    • Your boolean searches
    • Your messaging
    • Your Hub conversations
    • Who you can introduce your guests to – send them a profile link!
    • Your personal processes – organising your personal systems and processes, time management etc.

Always keep your eyes on the prize

  • Does the idea of more secure income and more free-time drive you?
  • How will you spend the extra time and money?
  • Building your network is going to be a key part of the strategy that delivers that result
  • Find a collaborator who is really good at creating results by “connecting the dots” and ask them to help you learn how to think differently
  • Hint: They will be far more willing to do this if they think you will be teachable and willing to do the same for others

Watch this 3-min video as a great reminder about the results givers v’s takers get

3 Tips to Make Networking Worthwhile

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Posted by TED on Tuesday, 14 May 2019