Scalable & Leveraged

The key to fast, effective scale and leverage is having an expanding network of people who will actively advocate for you.

It would be like having many highly effective salespeople working to generate business for you. And it would cost you nothing and it would in fact be far more effective because…...

Anyone can advocate for anyone but themselves

We all understand the power of word of mouth.

Someone else singing your praises is far more effective than you (or one of your representatives) singing your praises.

So the real key is to have an increasing number of others actively advocating for you.

Yet people still waste so much energy trying to “sell” themselves!

You only need to check a few LinkedIn profiles to find that most people can “leap tall buildings in a single bound!”

Even if they can, no one believes them when it comes as self-promotion.

On the other hand, when you have a large number of people continually advocating for you, huge results are achieved almost effortlessly.

Reducing Marketing & Sales Costs & getting a better result

How much time and money is invested in traditional sales efforts?

And what results do they yield – how predictable are they?

Depending on the type of results you are seeking, it may be worth considering investing a small amount of time each day to develop a team of team building advocates.

Why would others advocate for you?

The larger your diverse network of like-minded others, the more you are able to help others and in turn, the more people will advocate for you.

How important is your business idea?

Many people believe that their success depends mostly on inventing a great idea.

So, that is where they start – trying to come up with a can’t-fail-super-exciting-great-idea.

The truth is we have all seen super-exciting-can’t-fail-ideas that do fail. Right?

Actually, there is no shortage of great ideas

When you build a large advocating network you will discover many great ideas.

Others will run their great piece of tech, new innovation, process, or whatever past you all the time.

In fact, you will find this will increase as the size of your network increases. And this is partly because…..

Others may recognise you have the network that they need!

They have a great idea.

What they lack is the connections (aka network) to make their idea work.

The old saying:

It’s not what you know but who you know that counts most

Is SO true

So, a really great question is…..

What is more valuable: A great idea or a great network?

What if you had learned how to develop an increasing number of valuable connections?

What commercial opportunities would come your way?

What’s it worth to someone with a great idea to be connected to others that have the ability to make their idea a commercial success?

Expect to discover ideas

It’s such a simple relief when you realise that the smartest course of action is to start by building your network knowing that the network building process will expose you to many great ideas.

It’s worth concluding that having the kind of life you’d like to lead is going to require you to build your network

Building your network is no longer an optional extra!
The post-COVID environment provides the opportunity to see things differently!
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