Allocate time for Continuous Learning

When you consider the benefits of learning, it makes so much sense to allocate time for it.

Most significant results are accomplished by teams of people rather than by an individual acting alone. 

Therefore, it makes sense to devote time to develop your leadership and people skills and learn how to communicate better. Asking better questions and having more deliberate and productive conversations helps you greatly improve your results. In addition, a great deal more can be accomplished when you get better at dealing with people.

It is also great to listen to other leaders whose success you admire. This helps to keep you hopeful, inspired and positive.

The attitude you adopt is so vital to the results you achieve. People like being part of your team when you uplift, inspire and recognise them.

If you stop listening to and reading positive material, you will typically notice a decline in your attitude. You will be less resistant to the negatives that come your way all the time.

When you deliberately take time to learn, apart from becoming more effective with others, you also learn better, more efficient ways of organising yourself and accomplishing tasks more efficiently. This alone can save you many hours per week across a variety of non-networking related activities as well as activities that are related to network building.

We highly encourage you to create a culture of lifelong learning with your team members.

One of the best ways to create a habit of learning is to listen to the Podcasts provided by the CC. It’s easy to listen to Podcasts while performing other activities such as a daily walk.

It is our experience that most people struggle with how they allocate their time. That is why we have created a Podcast in the Builders menu called “How to invest your time”. As a leader, this is one of the Podcasts we highly recommend you listen to and promote to your team members.

It’s great when you can excitedly recommend a talk you’ve heard to other members of your team. This can also save you the time to explain the concepts presented by the speaker on the Podcast.

We have a whole section in the Builders menu devoted to Podcasts. This makes it easy for members of your team to access and listen to them.

In particular, note that the Podcasts display particularly well on smartphones.

Also, note that you can easily save any CC webpage to the home screen of your phone. This is particularly useful to facilitate fast access to Podcasts.