Add the Gyazo Chrome Extension

The Gyazo Chrome extension allows you to obtain a link to a photo which can be displayed as a thumbnail in various parts of the system.

Why Gyazo?

Links to images are provided as a standard part of the Chrome web browser.
However, many of these links are only temporary.
They look like they work but after several months, they stop working – very frustrating!

Gyazo links, on the other hand, are permanent.
Also Gyazo is exceptionally easy to install and use and it’s free!

How do I install and use the Gyazo Chrome Extension?

Search for Gyazo in Google and from this list choose the extension as shown in the following screenshot

Add it to Chrome as shown in the following screenshot

After installing Gyazo it is most important that you allow the extension to automatically copy to the Clipboard (see following screenshots to see how to do this)

As shown in the following screenshot, when Installed, Gyazo will appear when you right-click on an image.

How do I obtain a Gyazo image from LinkedIn?

Right-click on the profile photo, click “Capture” then click “This image” as shown in the above screenshot.

This will (1) Upload the image to Gyazo (2) Automatically create a copy of the link on the clipboard which can now be pasted where you need it (for example in your profile)