Activity Workbook Walk Through

The Activity Workbook is the central place Builders will go to learn about and drive their team building activity and obtain information about fellow collaborators

There is a lot to learn and in the brief amount of time you have available during this get-start, are to guide your new person through the first few steps of the Agenda Sheet as shown in the following screenshots

The following screenshot shows some of the main sheets (or tabs) that can be accessed either from the bottom of the spreadsheet or from the Menu sheet. The best place to start is with the Agenda sheet.


It’s actually a great idea to click the link and read the Instructions!

Explain that all the sheets in the Activity sheet have a link in cell A1 to provide great help / instructions as to how to use them

They also have a link in cell B1 which brings the user back to the Menu sheet

Menu Sheet

Ask your new builder to click the menu link to take them to the Menu page

Explain Quick Access to the Tabs

Explain that we have quick access to the most frequently used tabs.

This saves having to scroll through the tabs at the bottom to find the tab you are looking for.

Links to other frequently used resources

Explain how convenient it is to be able to quickly find the links you are after!

As an example, explain how using the link to the “Virtual Introduction to the CC” allows them to quickly book guests in using Calendly.

It’s great to also be able to include your own personal links so that you can access all the links you want in the same place!

Now draw your new Builders attention to the following section of the Agenda

Tip – we all love to tick things off as done on a list – Right?

Start by asking your user to write “Done” beside the items they have done

In the ‘Date to Complete’ column write “Done” beside the following items

  • Create NBS Log-in
  • Set a regular coaching time
    • It is important to set a regular coaching time when you can both get on the Zoom for half an hour or so
    • Explain that in the first 6 weeks or so you will be explaining the how-to’s of the process.
    • After that, your coaching session will be mainly focused on the people they have introduced and helping them get better tangible results
  • Download an Activity Sheet – Done!

Fill out the Start Here Sheet

Ask your new builder to click on the Start Here tab

Briefly explain the first part of this tab

As part of their ‘homework’ you are going to ask them to answer the questions with a rating 1-10 so you can review it during next week’s session

Explain that we are most interesting in helping people think about what they would ideally like to achieve.

We are more interested in helping them achieve as individuals rather than helping their business or careers. That may be part of the current plan but once we get to Know Like and Trust them we will be advocating for them regardless of what they are doing.

And we have found that in most cases, 4 years from now most people would like to have more secure income and working less hours to achieve it. More time and money to do the things they’d really like to be doing.

Is this really possible?

When you have enough people advocating for you and you have easily understood highly leveraged opportunities it sure is.

Who really wants to be still chasing their next gig or transaction 4 years now?

Better to have many others promoting you so that gigs and opportunities are continually being presented to you – right?

Yes, we all have to “put bread on the table” but begin with the end in mind – work towards achieving the lifestyle you’d really like.

Next ask them to compare

“Building a team of team-building advocates”

With other things they may invest time and money in to get ahead

One option would be to spend say 3 years and $30,000 investing in obtaining a piece of paper (MBA or whatever).

What are the likely financial results of that compared with having 100+ credible people advocating for you?

So what is the time investment?

Well the important thing to understand is that you putting time in to get a result. For example, may be a good question to ask is: Should building my network be the cornerstone of building my business or career?

If so it would not make sense to say: I’m too busy building my business to spend time building my network would it?

The most important question in the Start Here sheet

With 5-10 hours per week it should be very easy to find 5-10 people in the first year who will come on board and duplicate your activity. And when they do the same, it’s easy to see the exponential growth over the next 3-4 years and the opportunities that will bring – right?

Take them through the final part of the perspective

Fill in their Profile Details

Ask them to go back to the agenda sheet and click on the link which takes them to the page where they can complete details on their profiles such as Photo, Link to LinkedIn profile, Industry, Positions held, About, etc

It is important that they do fill in this information as it is what will appear on the Fellow Collaborators sheet

Briefly visit the Fellow Collaborators Sheet


  • How entering a search term brings up a list of rows
  • How clicking on a profile displays that collaborators profile

Press the “Activate” Button in your Daily activity Sheet

Ask your new builder to go into their activity Sheet

Briefly explain that the Activity Sheet is where they record their Activity so that we can measure their Activity and compare it against the results we expect. That way we can pinpoint where we may be able to help them get better results.

Show your new builder the following

Now we need to ‘Activate’ your sheet.

The formula in cell A3 is =today() as shown in the following screenshot

This formula will keep rolling the date forward to whatever the current date is.
We need to set this to today’s date so that the dates in Column A will run forward from a fixed date (today).

To do this simply press the ‘Activate’ button

Your new builder will be asked to confirm some steps and the script should run.

To confirm that the script has worked, check cell A3. It should now contain today’s date in dd/mm/yy format rather than the formula =today()

If not, re-run the script or in worst case just type in the date in dd/mm/yy format.

Don’t forget to Activate!

Otherwise, it will lead to frustration later on!

Now ask your new builder to go back to the Agenda sheet and mark this step as Done!

Click Here to remove LinkedIn Pending invites

Explain that this is a step for later but it’s near the top of the list because it is important for us to keep reminding ourselves about it

Make a calendar entry for our Weekly Workshop

As we know, the Workshop is where your new builder will see results, meet other collaborators and build relationships. It is also where they will learn so many valuable things and discover great opportunities.

It’s important for you to promote the Workshop as well as you can.

After attending their first workshop (in person or on Zoom), your new builder will definitely be sold on the value of the workshops!

The Soundcloud Playlist

Ask your new builder to click:

This will immediately take them into the all important NBS soundcloud playlist:

It is Super Important

To encourage (with all your might) people to get Soundcloud on their Smart phone and

Establish a daily listening habit – on the way to work, while walking, whenever

This will save you so much time as a coach!

The NBS playlist consists of recordings ‘from the desk’, external TED talks and selected Connect Collaborative talks which will help your new builder understand the value of what we are doing, why it works so well and how to make it work for them!

Why don’t we just use Youtube?

Because unless you have the premium version of Youtube, it stops when your mobile phone times out.

Daily Listening

In addition to the carefully selected and sequenced talks of the NBS playlist we have hundreds of other great talks which can be accessed as videos from the Builders menu or as sound only from Soundcloud lists

Aligning Your (LinkedIn) Profile

The first real action step you will be helping your new builder take is to review their LinkedIn profile and possibly help them make some “tweaks” that will make it more attractive to others on LinkedIn to want to connect with them.

It’s a good idea for them to gain a glimpse of this by clicking the link shown in the above screenshot. This will take them to a page which is quite impressive and enlightening.

Then ask them to scroll down and click on the following image

This will take them to another page containing some sample LinkedIn profiles of fellow collaborators

However before moving forward with this, it is important for your new builder to take their time absorbing the following so that they fully understand what we are doing why and the perspective we are coming from

Let your new Builder know that the objective will be for them to view as many of the above as they feel they can by next weeks session. If they can get them all done, you can move on with “aligning their profile”

Let them know that most of the pages attached to these links are much smaller than the “aligning your profile” page and they’ll find them interesting.

Demonstrate this by clicking the following

This will display the following “light viewing’ short page

Scroll through this page to give them an example.

OK – it’s time to wrap-up this session and set up for the next

The above seems like a lot to get through. However, you can easily do it in 45 minutes if you don’t get too side-tracked.

By now your new builder is realising that we have a predictable, organised and systematic way of:

“Building teams of team-building advocates”

They are going to need to put in some consistent effort.

However, the results will be more than worth it and

In today’s economy, deliberate network building has become essential.

Ask them “how many of these agenda items do you think you could tick off by our session next week?”

In fact it’s great for them to write something like “Do by” in column B

Go at your own pace – get as much done as you can.
Our first steps will be to review and align your LinkedIn profile but it’s important to get the prior steps done first.

It is important for them to realise that when they are starting people, they will want the system to do as much work as possible for them. This will lighten their coaching load.

Remember: you only need few good people who will follow the process and you will end up with a very large team of team building advocates