• To help you achieve the future you desire
  • To help you put in place an action plan (that you can stick with) to make it happen
  • To provide the tools which can make it a practical reality
  • The Connect Collaborative does not provide or recommend business opportunities
    • Business is conducted between (and through) the members of the network you build and others building their networks within the Connect Collaborative

Our program has been developed by people who have created businesses from start-ups who are “paying it forward” – passing on the important lessons they have learned on their journey to setting up the life they desired.

An intelligent person learns from their own mistakes. A wise person learns from the mistakes of others!

Although it may sound trite, we believe the starting place for everyone should be:

Am I doing what I am doing?

  • Is it just about getting more business?
  • Is it just about ensuring I get the next job or gig?
  • Or am I seeking to set up a better future?

The following video really help to distinguish the difference between

Your End Goals & Your Means Goals

The Connect Collaborative has the tools, culture and process which can help you rapidly grow Know Like & trust relationships with an exponentially growing number of people who will proactively advocate for you.

Building your network is no longer an optional extra!
The post-COVID environment provides the opportunity to see things differently!
Would you like to have a quick chat with someone who is achieving results through the Connect Collaborative?
Most importantly: – We are looking for good partners who are “on the same page” – The Connect Collaborative culture may or may not suit you However, if you are looking to set up a better future, it is definitely worth looking at what we do at the Connect Collaborative
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